O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, LLC (OSAM) is a Stamford, Connecticut-based quantitative money management firm. We are factor investing experts whose mission is to help our clients build better portfolios. We believe that successful investing requires two things: (1) carefully researched and designed factor-based investment strategies that align with client objectives and (2) the steadfast discipline to stick to those strategies across market cycles and regimes.

As an independent company, OSAM invests heavily in its proprietary research, trading, and technology platforms. One-hundred percent of the research feeding our investment process is conducted internally. We study investment factors in exhaustive detail, in most cases re-defining standard metrics at the most granular level. Our core team of researchers and technologists share a common passion for, and background in, factor investing, as evidenced by the team’s combined publication of five books and dozens of whitepapers. The firm is a living, breathing, and evolving team-based quantitative research project.

In 1987, Jim O’Shaughnessy founded O’Shaughnessy Capital Management (OCM), a predecessor to O’Shaughnessy Asset Management (OSAM). OCM was a consulting firm that performed empirical analysis for institutional investors. Jim’s work solidified his belief that factors drive investment return and inspired his 1994 book, Invest Like the Best. In it, Jim demonstrated that investors could mimic successful portfolio managers by identifying and mirroring key characteristics, or factors, present in their portfolios.

In 1996, Jim published the First Edition of the bestselling What Works on Wall Street, a multi-decade empirical research study that examined which factors had historically provided investors the best return, which ones should have been avoided at all costs, and why. In 1996, the team began to manage client money according to the findings of Jim’s factor research and we launched four mutual funds. In 1997, three of our four current senior leaders began working together and we began sub-advising three mutual funds for the Royal Bank of Canada.

In 2001, the team joined Bear Stearns Asset Management, Inc. (BSAM), thereby gaining greater access to high-net-worth investors and institutional marketplaces. Through a combination of continued strong performance and a longer real-time track record, assets under management grew faster than any other manager at the firm.

OSAM was established in 2007, when 14 team members formed an independent spin-off from Bear Stearns Asset Management, Inc. (BSAM). BSAM and the O’Shaughnessy team agreed to an amicable separation, allowing Jim and his team to return to their entrepreneurial roots.

Today, OSAM continues to invest in its team and platform to research innovative ways to deliver against client objectives.

What Works on Wall Street

What Works on Wall Street

"O’Shaughnessy’s conclusion that some strategies do produce consistently strong results while others underperform could shake up the investment business."


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