We Pursue a Simple Mission:

Learn, build,
share, repeat.

We constantly learn more about investing, build disciplined strategies to capture the best of what we've learned, and share our broad findings with other curious investors.


Podcast: Custom Indexing is a Tidal Wave Coming at the Investment Business

Josh Brown, author of The Reformed Broker blog and frequent CNBC guest, hosted OSAM CEO Patrick O'Shaughnessy on his podcast, The Compound Show. They discussed the future of indexing, specifically Custom Indexing and Canvas. You can listen here.

Custom Indexing: The Next Evolution of Index Investing

By 2025, most financial advisors will use web-based software to create and manage Custom Indexes for their clients. Custom Indexing is the next evolution of index investing and Canvas is the first offering within this new category - a category that looks to be the inevitable future of portfolio management.

Upside-Down Markets: Profits, Inflation and Equity Valuation in Fiscal Policy Regimes

In this piece, Jesse Livermore* explores the stock market implications of fiscal policy. Focusing specifically on the COVID-19 pandemic, he shows how the presence of fiscal policy as a reliable source of economic stimulus can turn stock markets "upside-down", affecting profits, inflation, and valuation in ways that transform good news into bad news and bad news into good news.

OSAM at a Glance

12 years Managing client money
$5.3B Assets under management and advisement
17 strategies Our model applied: Micro to Large cap; US to Global
85,241 Stocks studied across six decades of history
Managing client money
Assets under management and advisement
Our model applied: Micro to Large cap; US to Global
Stocks studied across six decades of history

Separate Account Strategies

We build portfolios with significant factor advantages in different style segments, market capitalization ranges, and geographic regions. Our portfolios tend to have low excess return correlation with other active strategies, little overlap with market indexes, and low active costs. We have routinely worked with clients to build custom solutions.


Our Team -
Consistency, Creativity, and Alignment

Investment success requires constant exploration, disciplined implementation, and skin in the game. We have built a team dedicated to applying our style of investing for the long term, whose interests are aligned with our clients and fellow OSAM colleagues.


Owned by 13 principal employees
Our money is aligned with yours: no personal trading, 100% of our Principals are invested in OSAM strategies
Our principals have been with the firm an average of 11 years.
Jim O'Shaughnessy
Principal, Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager

Blog & Research

OSAM is committed to conducting interesting new research on markets and sharing our findings with investors. We want to manage money on behalf of committed, long-term investors, which means sharing what we learn. To follow our journey, you can read, listen and watch.

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