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We pursue a simple mission: learn, build, share, repeat. We constantly learn more about investing, build disciplined strategies to capture the best of what we've learned, and share our broad findings with other curious investors.

Through three decades, we've learned with our clients. We are always striving to improve the capacity of our platform - which includes our data, our proprietary research and portfolio management technologies, and a highly experienced team. Our goal is to deploy this platform for our clients' long-term benefit.

Our culture is one of curiosity. We hire and promote people driven by a need to understand investing, markets, and our industry, and who want to share the excitement of that process with others. Our goal is to bring together a group of knowledge seekers, who enjoy learning and always act with kindness and integrity.

By sharing most of what we learn, we hope to help investors of all types make better and more informed decisions, and ultimately build better portfolios. Experience has taught us that constant exploration is contagious. Through a commitment to education we hope to improve the investing discourse globally.

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